We at the Hive Cloud are a new type of IT company, riding in the vanguard of the biggest technological shake-up seen in business since the advent of ubiquitous internet access.

  • From our inception we have worked in close partnership with Microsoft, and were one of the earliest companies in the UK to perform large scales beta trials of Office 365. As early as January 2011 we were testing, tweaking and developing service packs with the assistance of Harrods of London
  • We have developed our own app, the only one on the market designed from the ground up specifically to connect any Blackberry phone to Office 365.

We have a philosophy that mirrors the benefits offered by Cloud computing

  • We believe in  providing powerful and flexible business computing solutions
  • We believe these can be provided with little or no up-front costs
  • We believe in modularity, where businesses only need to pay for what they need,  yet can expand effortlessly as the company grows
  • We believe that disparate Cloud technologies can be integrated to give a seamless and intuitive end user experience
  • We believe in focusing on solutions. We carefully select what we think are the best products  available on the market, but understand that these are simply tools to achieving the desired result
  • We believe in fair play and in providing the best possible customer experience

Fully embracing The Cloud philosophy, our company is itself a creation of The Cloud.

  • Our highly trained and professional team members are geographically spread across Europe and North America. In this way we have tapped into some of the best talent available on two continents.
  • Our team collaborates and works utilising the very technologies we promote.
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