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At The Hive Cloud we are dedicated to providing flexible, low cost but high reliability business solutions to our customers, and to this end we offer four standard web hosting packages. We are particularity pleased with our implementation of Concrete5 and WordPress Content Management Systems in our Business Pro packages.

Content Management Systems (CMS) are programs that are resident on our servers (fully configured for you and ready to use) that allow easy editing and publishing of content, and to have centralised control over a host of site management tasks and options.


Concrte5 is, in our opinion, the best tool for creating and managing a fully featured website. Perhaps a little more complex than WordPress but still readily accessible to beginners, the beauty of Concrete5 is that you can browse your website as normal and then, when you see something that needs changing, just click edit and modify the content there and then. This ‘on page editing’ makes web site creation an intuitive process, and built in versioning makes it easy for team collaboration as it makes undoing changes someone else has done a breeze.

In fact, The Hive Cloud think Conctete5 is so good, we’ve built this website with it!


With over 60 million users worldwide, WordPress is the most widely used blogging platform on the web. Edited via a template system, WordPress makes it easy to design and maintain a fully featured and attractive looking blog with no prior web-building or HTML experience necessary. Built on a plug-in architecture, WordPress allows a great deal of customisation, and can have its functionality extended with the thousands of plugins, widgets and themes that are available. WordPress plugins are small programs that give it greater utility, such as by integrating your Twitter feed into your blog, inserting YouTube videos into posts, blocking spam and optimising the blog for search engines etc. Widgets on the other hand modify the WordPress sidebar content so that, recent posts can be listed in the sidebar, clocks and calendars added, Flickr galleries linked to, and much more.

In short, The Hive Cloud highly recommends our Business Pro WordPress hosting package to anyone serious about blogging.

All our Web Hosting packages include the following features

  • The following items are included with all web hosting packages.
  • 10 Pop 3 Mail Boxes
  • Redundant DNS Service
  • Administration Control Panel
  • Web Mail
  • Unlimited Traffic (Fair usage policy applies)
  • Free Migration
  • Same Day Set Up

Please visit our Web Hosting Pricing Guide for full pricing details.

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