The Hive Cloud Email

With our typical dedication to cloud based solutions that provide your business with effortless functionality, versatility, easy expandability, no start-up costs and low running costs, we are pleased to offer our ‘no-fuss’ email service.

For just £1.35 per mailbox per month (plus an optional extra 65p for our popular Mobile Sync service), we provide a fully featured but easy to use managed email solution which features the latest anti-spam and anti-virus security technologies.


Offering multiple access methods, you can view and manage your email the way you want to. It can be accessed from any internet through connected through our easy to use web-based browser interface or will integrate seamlessly with Outlook or your usual email program (Thunderbird, Mac Mail etc.) via POP 3  or IMAP  connection.

For an extra 65p per month you can sync your emails, contacts and calendars with any iPhone, iPad, Windows or Android device via Mobile Sync, which will push changes to your phone in real time. Alternately, if you do not need a pushed service, you can connect you mobile device to you Hive Cloud email account using its built-in email apps via POP3 or IMAP.

Main Feature of The Hive Cloud Email

  • Secure email service
  • Large 25Gb mailbox capacity
  • Large attachments permitted, up to 50Gb
  • High level security using the latest security technologies – these include 3 layer spam protection and dual scanning virus protection
  • Accessible through a wide range of email clients, or through our powerful and intuitive web based control panel
  • Our control panel also allows you to view a multitude of usage statistics and allows collaboration through shared calendars with shared and public entries etc.
  • Optional push service to mobile devices

To discuss your business email needs, please  Contact our friendly and helpful sales team now!

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