The Hive Cloud Backup

We understand how vital it is for your businesses to back up its critical data. In today’s digital world it is more important than ever to protect against the inevitable hard-disk failure, virus infection, electrical fault taking out the servers, fire or natural disaster that can cripple almost any company. This can often be fatal for a business, as proved IDC, DTI & Gartner who  demonstrated that 70% of companies are forced to close after a major data loss.

The Cloud offers a simple, effective and secure means of backing up your precious data without any start-up  and allow you to only pay for what you actually need. No more need to buy expensive geographically remote servers or unreliable and slow tape storage, simply sign up to one of our cloud backup plans, starting at just £5 for 5GB storage, and you can relax in knowledge that your data is safe and secure.

Our plans come in two sizes, carefully designed to meet the needs of small to medium sized businesses.

Professional Backup

Our Professional level backup service is ideal for smaller businesses who need secure, reliable and low cost backup without lots of bells and whistles.

The main features of this service include:

  • Multi-Platform support - built on Java, our software is platform independent. The Pro service will run on Window and Mac OS, and is compatible with all data base servers and  Microsoft Exchange
  • Automated backup – offering both Continuous Data Protection (CDP) that captures every bit of data saved to your hard disk (in selected folders), and easily configurable daily and weekly scheduled backups, you can be sure that you will not lose any of your important data. Using our smart in-file Delta technology, files need only be backed up once and only require further uploading if there are changes within the file, which dramatically reduces upload times.
  • Secure encryption – utilising incredibly strong 265-bit encryption, possible to be decrypted only with a key chosen by the user (and stored nowhere else), data stored with us is safe and secure. All uploads are performed over a 128-bit SSL connection to ensure security at all times
  • Easy and flexible management – all your back-up needs are managed using our attractive and intuitive Dashboard. Here you can view backup reports, see visualisations of usage and how much space you have remaining, configure ‘backup sets’, set your retention policy (how many versions of a file you want kept and for how long), manage your files using the File Explorer, and much more
  • Outlook / Outlook Express backup – including address book, personal information and emails

Advanced Backup

While our Professional level of service is more than adequate for the backup needs of many small businesses, those with more demanding requirements will appreciate the benefits of upgrading to our Advanced service

  • Windows system image backup – instead of backing up selected files and folders in the traditional way, we create an image of your whole system, including the Operating System, settings, patches, updates, drivers etc.  This allows very rapid recovery of the entire server environment in the case of disaster
  • Full support for database and email server backup - Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft Exchange Server at mail level, Microsoft SQL Server , Oracle Database, Lotus Domino/Notes,  MySQL
  • Advanced encryption algorithms -  Two Fish, Triple DES
  • Advanced management options – file retention by week, month, quarter, year, backup job or user defined policies; creation of multiple ‘backup sets’; advanced file filtering, and the ability to create a local backup of your data
  • Can run on Linux and Unix

Please see our Cloud Backup Pricing page for pricing details.

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