Anti-virus services

All businesses are different, have different resources, different network set-ups and different security needs. For this reason, The Hive Cloud have carefully selected what we consider the best small business security solutions available on the market:  Microsoft Windows Intune and Trend Micro Worry Free Business Security Hosted . Between these two services, we can help plan the best possible anti-virus protection for your company.

Microsoft Widows Intune

Widows Intune is Microsoft’s cloud based desktop management tool aimed at small to medium businesses. Managed through a simple browser interface, Intune allows a wealth of valuable  tasks to be performed, such a grouping and managing desktop PC’s,  keeping track of software licences, managing and controlling updates and update schedules, and keeping an eye on the health of all PC’s run by your company. Here at The Hive Cloud we particularly like these features:

  • Windows Intune Endpoint Protection antivirus/antimalware tool is installed on each machine and provides centralised alerting and reporting of any problems, which can be managed easily through the Intune interface
  •   As a cloud based service, all the actual processing goes on within the Microsoft Cloud infrastructure, so companies need not expend money on running their own servers
  • Addressing the increasing trend for BYOD (Bring Your own Device) and its associated concerns, Intune  will run on Windows Phones , iOS and Android phones and tablets, allowing them to be managed just like any other desktop computers or notebooks on the network.
  • With a pay-as-you-go pricing structure, you need only spend money for what you actually use
  • The real killer for us is that each monthly Intune licence includes a licence for the latest version of Windows (Windows 7 Enterprise at the moment, but this will be upgraded to Windows 8 upon its release). This makes it a highly scalable and cost effective Windows licencing solution.

Trend Micro Worry Free Business Security Hosted

The cloud based version of Trend Micro’s well regarded anti-virus, spam, phishing, malware, etc. software, Trend Micro Worry Free Business Security Service (WFBS-Service) is a robust and effective security solution for small to medium sized  companies. Things we like about it include:

  • Innovative Smart Scan technology allows much of the processing load involved (around 80%) in scanning for viruses to be offloaded either to a security server on the office LAN or to Trend Micro’s Cloud servers. Only heuristic scanning need be done on the local PC client
  • Threats and security policies can be centrally managed
  • Because the service is hosted by Trend Micro, their security experts constantly update the service for you

Let Us Help

Our security experts understand these anti-virus services inside out, and can help you assess which best suits you company’s needs. Alternatively, some companies may benefit from a hybrid solution, with a centralised security server running WFBS-Service while desktop clients run Intune. Whatever your business’ needs, our experts are here to offer advice, deploy (or assist deployment of) these services, and offer technical support so you needn’t worry the security and integrity of your company’s network infrastructure!

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