What is 365Sync?

365Sync is our very own app designed specifically to allow any Blackberry phone to connect to Office 365, Microsoft’s new cloud based office solution.

Simply download the 365Sync app onto your Blackberry, enter your email address and Office 365 password, and you'll find 365Sync has seamlessly integrated your Exchange email functionality with the native Blackberry email system, allowing you to choose which mailbox elements you want to synchronise and how many items you want access to. Configuring 365Sync to work the way you like to work is a breeze!

365Sync is the only software on the market specifically designed from the ground up to allow Blackberry and Office 365 to communicate effectively. No matter what type of connection you are using, be it BIS, BES, GPRS, 3G, EDGE or WiFi, 365Sync will keep you connected and up to date with your Microsoft account.

If you would like to give 365Sync a no commitment, risk free try to see if its features match your needs (we are confident they will!), then go to our 365sync website and take advantage of our 14 Day Free Trial offer.  We know you’ll love it!

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